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FSW Equipment
Gantry Large

SIMENSE 840D-SL CNC control system for FSW,One-key operation

CFSW-B800 CNC Control System for FSW, One-key operation

LCD Touch Screen, HMI operator interface

Position and Force control

Laser tracking

Centralized and automatically lubrication

Green energy-saving LED lighting devices

Gantry Large

Functions and Features

It can weld flat straight seam, longitudinal seam, cylinder longitudinal seam, two-dimensional welding, and even three-dimensional space curve welding. This equipment can be widely applied in shipbuilding, aviation and rail transportation industries.

·  Electronics    ·  Energy (Heat exchanger, …)    ·  Automotive (Battery tray, wheel, …)    ·  Aircraft (fuselage, floor)   

  FSW-LM-CS08 FSW-LM-CM16 FSW-LM-CL25 Tailor Made
2500 rpm 2000 rpm 1500 rpm  
General dimension LXWXH mm 10500x5500x3000 15000x6000x3500 20500x6500x4000 Tailor Made
Working table LXW mm 8500×3500 12500×4000 18500×4500 Tailor Made
Welding space   mm 1700 1700 1700 Tailor Made
Working parameter
Maximum welding thickness     8 16 25 80
working stroke X axis mm 8000/12000/18000/25000/35000/50000/Tailor made
Y axis mm 3500/4000/4500/6000/Tailor made
Z axis mm 500
B axis   ±5︒
A axis   ±15︒
Moving speed X axis mm/min 10000
Y axis mm/min 6000
Z axis mm/min 3000
Foundation Exclusive equipment foundation
Air compression 0.6MPa, 20L/min