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FSW Tool

Robust Tools


Functions and Features

FSW Tool is one of the key part in the friction stir welding system. Also it is known as the “heart” of FSW technology. Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd (China FSW Center) has top-ranking design group, manufacturing and heat treatment equipment and technique for the development and industrialization of FSW tool. CFSWT has successfully developed many series of FSW tools, and therefore obtained several national patents. CFSWT will improve additional value of FSW tools by professional attitude, high-class service, excellent quality and fast delivery.Note: FSW Tool is a special and essential consumable. It was most important for the FSW tools to match with optimized welding parameters in order to achieve high quality welding.

Materials Thickness
Type Items
Aluminum Alloy
Magnesium Alloy
0.4~100 converntional CT
3~40 Bobbin-tool BT
3~40 Floating bobbin tool FBT
3~20 Stationary shoulder ST
1~4 Spot welding RST
1~30 Retractable RT
20~80 Self-cooling CCT
1~80 Split type DT
Steel 1~20 Tungsten alloy WHT
Titanium Alloy 1~15 Tungsten alloy WHT
Copper and its Alloys 1~6 converntional CT
7~40 Nickel based NT