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Dongguan Intelligence Valley Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Intelligence Valley is the southern China sales& marketing center of CFSWT, we provide excellent facilities/product manufacturing/technique consult for our customer.
Besides standard equipment, we also offer with customized solution special for our clients, from customized equipment, fixture and processes, with perfect after sales services. We are competitive on every aspect compare to US and European counterparts.
We have rich experience with cooperation with international clients by exporting equipment to US, EU, Japan, South Korea and SEAN.
Our partner includes: TWI(UK), PTG(EU), TRA-C(FR), and KUKA(DE).
PS. CFSWT is the pioneer in friction stir welding(FSW) technology, China FSW Center (CFSWC) has been committing to develop FSW technology and equipment with a high level. From fundamental and applied research to the development of advanced automatic FSW equipment, FSW technology has been successfully extended to many industrial sectors, such as railway, power electronics, etc. As integration solutions provider with advanced technology, abundant process procedures and professional equipment, CFSWC has created and promoted the industrialization of FSW in China.

Marketing Center

Loacated in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

About Us
Show Case& Workshop

Jinshi Technology Park, In where our showcase of typical products and workshop that can produce welding products for customers' need.

About Us